Whirlybird 300 & 350

The Original Whirlybird®  is made in America and assembled in South Africa. 

Ideal for homes due to its small size, light weight and versatile uses. Can be coated to match the roof colour. One unit is suitable to ventilate 5-80 sqm. Made from aluminium or galvanized steel.

Sizes: 300mm and 350mm diameter available in galvanized steel and aluminium. 

Can be installed on all roof types. 3 Year Warranty. 

Supavent 250

Designed and manufactured in Australia, The original SupaVent® is the ideal wind driven roof vent for the home. 

Imported into South Africa from Australia, this unit is made to last and is backed by a 5 year manufacturers warranty. 

Low profile light weight unit made from tough polymer, it leads the way in aesthetics and performance. It is also available in different colours to match any roof colour. 250mm diameter low profile. 

Tornado 300 & 350

The Windmaster® Tornado Series of Roof Ventilation Systems are South African designed and manufactured. 

 The positive extraction of the Tornado Turbine ventilation system eliminate dust penetration and a down-draught into the building to ensure a cleaner and healthier living and working environment

Available in galvanised steel, aluminium and zincalume. 

3 year warranty, replaceable bearing system.