Made in South Africa, the Twister™ is an extremely durable larger roof vent designed to be fitted onto larger/ higher roofs  to remove large quantities of air. This makes it perfect for factories and larger buildings like warehouses and halls. 

Made from durable galvanized steel or aluminium, this vent is available in size 500mm diameter and is covered by a 5 year manufacturers warranty. 


Tornado 500 image.png

The Windmaster® Tornado Series of Roof Ventilation Systems are South African designed and manufactured. This cost-effective and efficient roof ventilation system is ideal to ventilate factories, workshops, warehouses, agricultural applications, schools, hostels, change houses, assembly halls and other building structures which require effective ventilation.

Serviceable parts, available in Galvanized steel, aluminium, and zinclume. 

5 year warranty 

Can be powder coated to match roof colour