It is a requirement that all buildings have suitable ventilation for their application and number of occupants, whether in the form of natural ventilation or forced ventilation systems. 

We specialize in custom design and installation of fresh, filtered air and extraction systems. 

Our overall service includes: 

  • Site inspection and system design according to customer requirements.

  • Engineer drawings and council submissions where required/ if applicable. 

  • Procurement and installation of cost effective products - fans, ducting, filters, air diffusion, canopies etc.

  • Professional mechanical and electrical installation and commissioning

  • Routine maintenance and retrofits

We provide services to improve indoor air quality. 

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Air Filtration Systems - design supply and installation

Filtered Fresh Air Systems including HEPA air filtration for the cleanest, purest air quality.  

If you require ventilation to solve a particular problem we can help. 

We Design, supply and install ALL ventilation systems for domestic and light commercial applications.