The Original Whirlybird®  is made in America and assembled in South Africa. 

Ideal for homes due to its small size, light weight and versatile uses. Can be coated to match the roof colour. One unit is suitable to ventilate 5-80 sqm. Made from aluminium or galvanized steel.

Sizes: 300mm and 350mm diameter available in galvanized steel and aluminium. 

Can be installed on all roof types. 3 Year Warranty. 


  • The rotating turbine action removes convected heat and increases currents of fresh air to flow within a building producing a substantial cooling effect on people and the environment in general.

    • Reduces heat build-up in roof void.
    • Improves effectiveness of insulation.
    • Reduces heat radiation from roof into building.
    • Reduces workload on air conditioners.
    • Create comfortable living conditions.
    • Reduces moisture in roof void.
    • Improves effectiveness of insulation by keeping it moist free.
    • Reduces damp build up on walls, structure and ceilings inside the roof void.
    • Creates comfortable living conditions.